Digitization in the German financial sector

The study series " digitization in the German financial sector" processes insights and ideas from various key players from business and science with the aim of preparing you for digital financial evolution and imparting the knowledge you need to develop your full potential in the digital age.


Study I: The digital (r)evolution of society

Are you a financial professional or executive and would like to learn more about the effects of digitization on your life, your company and your surroundings? Do you want to recognize the big trends and developments of the time as well as understand the challenges and risks of digital transformation? In short, would you like to learn what digital (r)evolution means to you and how you can keep up and advance?

Digitalization has a major impact on the way we act, consume and communicate. The faster the digital (r)evolution advances, the more society changes - and thus the motor of the financial world. In this study, you will learn what effects digital (r)evolution has on the needs and expectations, as well as on the consumption and communication behaviour of society. The key question is always: How does digitization influence our society?

The study series will be available soon.