The knowledge and business platform for successful digitization in the financial sector

DigitalMindWay is a highly concentrated knowledge portal about digital transformation in the financial sector that efficiently communicates digital expertise and promotes knowledge transfer.

DigitalMindWay was founded in Frankfurt am Main in 2018 with the guiding principle of empowering financial professionals and executives on their individual path through digital (r)evolution. This is the focus of all our actions.

Kim Y. Mühl, Co-Founder DigitalMindWay

Digitization is a megatrend

In the near future every company will be affected by the digital transformation. This triggers fears and uncertainties across industries and society, yet the positive possibilities and potential aspects of digitization far outweigh these concerns.

Empowering the Digital (R)evolution

DigitalMindWay was founded in Frankfurt am Main in 2018 out of the idea that digitalization has more to offer people than a loss of professional direction and employment. Instead of stirring up fears and worries, we want to stand out from the usual media and consulting firms and advocate digital empowerment.

Theses were yesterday.

We ask questions!

We want to make the knowledge about digitization as interesting and comprehensible as possible. Here we refrain from a pre-defined theses that need to be proven no matter what, and instead concentrate on the essential question:

What are the challenges and risks of digital transformation? Where do the possibilities, opportunities and potentials of digitization lie for us and our companies? What are the current market trends and who are the digital experts and pioneers that inspire us?

Our philosophy

The necessary steps in your head and heart, as well as in your company, can only be taken by yourself. But that doesn't mean you're alone on this journey. Together with a dynamic global community of like-minded individuals, experts, and digital pioneers, DigitalMindWay offers you the opportunity to be inspired and to acquire the tools and skills you need to personally secure your future in the digital age.

We are happy to empower you on your journey through the digital (r)evolution.

DigitalMindWay operates hybridly and contemporary

Even if the name may suggest something different, real people still work at DigitalMindWay. But the way we work depends on the structures of other companies. Although we have an office in Frankfurt am Main, it is rare to find more than two employees in one place at the same time. Our employees always have the opportunity to work from their home office, café, coworking space or from anywhere in the world, because our communication is predominantly digital.

As an agile startup, we also work together with various freelancers, partners and digital platforms to quickly and efficiently test, implement and bring new ideas to market.

Our infrastructure is digital

Internal communication mainly takes place via Slack and WhatsApp. Our editorial staff works almost exclusively with the Dragon dictation program, which enables us to increase our efficiency. For the real-time translation of our expert contributions and user comments, we use the Deepl-Pro API. Our Social Media management plans and publishes posts for specific target groups via Hootsuite. We are currently developing our own tool for surveys and benchmarking. To ensure the best possible user friendliness, language duality, loading speed and security, the DigitalMindWay.com website is based on HTML and Java Script and is hosted via Amazon Web Services (AWS) and switched via the content distribution network Cloudflare.