Shaping digitization sustainably

It is the duty of our generation to secure the future role of the financial sector in the world economy and to lay the foundations for future generations. In addition to a functioning digital infrastructure, this foundation also includes a common understanding of digital topics. We can only succeed in digital (r)evolution together.


"Digital Empowerment" - Your personal competitive advantage

DigitalMindWay members can recognize at an early stage which direction the digital transformation is heading and can set the right strategic course for themselves and their company. As a member of the community, you have the opportunity to strengthen your digital mindset, compare yourself and your business across industries, countries, departments, hierarchies and colleagues, anticipate the direction of digital transformation and keep abreast of the latest digital trends such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Business Model Innovation, Open Banking, Mobile Payment and Banking, Robo Advisory, Wearables, Digital Wealth Management, Fintech as a Service and more.

The digital Community is networked

The DigitalMindWay community is a dynamic movement: an internationally oriented network that bundles digital, personal and professional competencies from various industries. Our network extends far beyond this website and includes social media as well as this website.